Terms & condition for Accommodation

1.Check in time 7:00 AM and checkout time 10:00 AM.

  1. Gambling, contraband, prostitution, weapons, explosives, flammable objects, poisons, drugs, animals and pungent food are strictly prohibited on hotel premises.
    2.1 Guests with local address is not eligible to book a room.
    2.2 After booking a room, management can change the room category or cancel the booking due to hotel internal issue/policy.
    2.3 Smoking is not allowed in the hotel building premises.
    2.4 Guests are not allowed to use the guest rooms for purpose other than intended without authorization.
  2. Do not light fire in the passage or guest room for heating or cooking.
    3.1 Our hotel’s kitchen closing time is 11:00 pm, thus, we request all guests to place their last order within 10:45 PM. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the room.
    3.2 A minor Girl or a minor boy are not allowed to book a room without an adult family member.
    3.3 All guests need to carry an original copy of valid identity card (e.g., Voter Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport for foreigners during check in time is mandatory.
    3.4 We do not allow illegal behavior in the hotel premises. If found, management will take legal action against those guests who are engaged in these activities. Guest is requested to refrain from engaging in any kind of illegal works inside the premises.
    3.5 We understand that guests come here to enjoy their quality time. We thus earnestly request them not to waste time by involving in any kind of arguments with others. Also, we think the guest do not visit here to disturb the neighbors. So kindly do not scream, sing loudly or make noise, as it may disturb or annoy other guests staying in the hotel.
    3.6 Do not distribute any type of advertising materials or sell articles to the other guests or collect donation or signature from them inside the hotel premises, without proper permission.
  3. Note that we may refuse stay to patients suffering from an illness that may be infectious and cause discomfort of any kind to the other guests in the hotel. 
  4. Do not take your meal in the bed.  Any bad stain on bed cover, pillow cover blanket etc. by the guest, shall be considered as a damaged item and charged to the guest according to the hotel policy.
    5.1 Do not allow other guests or public from outside to the room without authorized permission.
    5.2 Any acts of photography that may bother the other guest in the hotel are strictly prohibited inside the hotel or guest room.
    5.3 Any personal meeting should be held in the Banquet Hall only.
  5. Do not remove or exchange anything in the room without authorized permission. 
    6.1 Do not leave your personal belongings in the passages or the lobby. Management shall not be responsible for any kind of loss or theft in such cases. 
  6. Do not damage any hotel asset or else it will be charged ten times more than the value of the damaged asset.
  7. A guest who intends to enter into an accommodation registration with the hotel shall notify the hotel of the following particulars: – Name, Address, Age, Gender, Nationality, Mobile Number, ID Card Number, Purpose of Visit, Relation with Others guests, Occupation of the Guest. Date of accommodation and expected time of Arrival and departure & other particulars deemed necessary by the hotel. 
  8. During Online room booking guests have to pay minimum 50% of total rent. It will be treated as nonrefundable or cancellation charges when a booking is cancelled by the guest.
  9. Hotel offers breakfast complimentary, as per room tariff or plan.
    10.1   There are special charges for weekends, Christmas, and New year as listed by the Hotel Management.
  10. GUEST’S VALUABLES, CASH, JEWELLERY, ETC.: – Visitors are particularly requested to register all the valuables with the hotel management. In case you fail to do so hotel will not be responsible for the loss of guest’s belongings.
  11. HOTEL KEYS: – Hotel keys must be deposited at the reception desk while leaving the hotel.
    Guests are not permitted to lock the room with personal locks.
    In case the key is lost or damaged a charge/fine is taken by the hotel management from guests.
  12. Settlement of Bills: Bills must be settled on presentation. Personal cheques are not accepted.
  13. Company’s Lien on Guest’s Luggage and Belongings: In the case of default in payment of dues by a guest, the management shall have the lien on their luggage and belongings, and will be entitled to detain the same and to sell or auction such property at any time without reference to the guest. The net sale proceeds will be appropriated towards the amount due by the guest without prejudice to the management’s rights to adopt such further recovery proceedings as me be required.
  14. Departure: Check out time is 10:00 am please inform the reception if you wish to retain your room beyond this time. Extension will be given depending on the availability. If the room is available, normal tariff will be charged. On failure of the guest to vacate the room on expiry or period the management shall have the right to remove the guest and his/her belongings from the room occupied by the Guest.
  15. Luggage Storage: Subject to availability of the storage space, the guest can store luggage in the luggage room, at the guest’s sole risk as to loss or damage from any cause, Luggage may not be stored for period of over 30 days.
  16. Management’s Rights: It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/ herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the hotel premise.
    17.1 The Management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the hotel forthwith, without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In case of the default the Management has the right to remove the Guest luggage and belongings from the room occupied by him / her.
  17. Relation between Management and Guest: Nothing herein above shall continue or be deemed to constitute, or create any tenancy or sub-tenancy, or any other right to interact in the hotel premises or any part of portion thereof, in favor of any Guest or resident or visitor, and the Management shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession of the whole of the hotel premises.
  18. Government rules and regulations and application of laws: Guest are requested to observe, abide by conform to and be bound by all applicable acts and laws and Government rules and regulations in force from time to time.
    19.1 All the guests are requested to maintain all the protocols and enjoy their stay with us Nipobithi Resort.
    Thanks, and Kind Regards,

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