There is a dynamic management team for controlling all kinds of hotel service guided and supervised by Mr. Tapan Ghosh, the owner of this hotel. Mr. Ghosh is honest and kind hearted to serve his guests. The test of Luxury with a wide variety of accommodation in the City, Bethuadahari, Nadia, starts here. Welcome to a new approach to hospitality where business and pleasure have a common destiny.


 Success always comes with an abundant amount of stress. Between power breakfasts and late night cocktails, you’ve got to make decisions. You must have dreamt of a little tranquillity, where you can stretch both, body and mind. Your dream comes true at Hotel Nipobithi. Essentially it is a Luxury Hotel & Resort that goes beyond the conventional. It offers a complete spectrum of facilities, right from indulging in some invigorating sports to entertaining your guests. We offer you the space and freedom to let you to relax-just the way you want. Visit our resort and appreciate the aesthetics of nature with vivid colourful garden, Children Park. Hotel Nipobithi started its journey in 2009 with Name Hotel NipoBithi bar cum Restaurant, situated at a populated and enjoyable environment with good reputation for its cheerful entertainment and delicious food. It has two storied building with many A.C, Suit and Deluxe Rooms.